Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Monday, April 28, 2008

today was quite a fun day with minqi,yenni.clar and val.today after school went to meet them i was quite happy because i nvr see them for like....3years..hahhas.afetr that went to take mrt to je den go eat.after eating wait for val and her stead and clar stead afetr that went to libary.den go study.after that study till 5pm den go home...i was real happy today and i have alot of fun today..MUNCHUI

here are the pics....

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Today when to study at je libary with LYDIA,CHUA AND SINAR we study till 5 plus or wad forget already.study maths,science and ebs...after libary we went to IMM and walk walk and were cam-whoring ourself alot.here the pic below.exam cooming jiayou everybody fer the mid-year.and we are cam-whoring ourself after that.

Lydia,chua,me and Sinar
Lydia and me
Lydia.me,Sinar and Chua at the toilet
Lydia and me
Lydia,Chua,Sinar and me
Lydia,Chua,me and Sinar

Friday, April 25, 2008

Hello....today same as any other days early wake up den go school.exam coming leh very stress.math.science,EBS,MT,englishand CPA.hate math man.monday english paper.....today Miss co nvr come school.english lesson got the Mr Boi as the relife teacher he's always with the ibook with him where ever he go.he also got to be the DJ of our class by mixing the songs..hahas.it was quite fun though....end here..everybody jiayou for the mid-year paper...jiayou jiayou!!!!!MUNCHUI

Tuesday, April 22, 2008




Today is still the same go school the same.But after school the whold upper sec went to Toa Payoh to suppert our scholl bb team....our competitors is Catholic High...Me and my groupes of friends were like shouting our lungs out..but in the end, we still lost to Catholic high..sad sad...after the match,we went to eat at KFC with mai.lydia,sinar,xinyi,intan and me..and we wear like cam-woring ourself..hahas,here are the pics...scroll up please..thanks..sorry but i just can't fucking upload some fucking pic in here so sorry please wait okie..thx for the patience..MUNCHUI

Saturday, April 19, 2008

This was after

this was before

Hello..back i was just so bored in front of my com so i pick up my phone to take some pic of me bfore and after..hahas.i no its very lame but its a big different..take a look.....not i wan to say larr but its really a big big big different...hahas.so gd nite everybody sweet dreams...sign off MunChui

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the green tea and wintermelon gang.

me and sinar

me and dan

aminah,chua and me

today must run 2.4 for p.e.but i did not run very lazy.but i took some pic!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

i love this pic damn much!!!!

yesterday went to East Coast with friend.it was a class outing.Lydia,Maisurah,Shima,Ying You,Zheng Hua.Lim Bin,Jun Gui.Jian Wen,Jun Hong and me.We went to East Coast for class outing .It was fun e had some pic.

Friday, April 11, 2008

today wan to go school suddenly rain damn heavy i was like wah lao i wan to go school den wan to rain...den i take the bloody umbrella to school aiyo very pai seh can..den we at class we gather together to discussed about tmr class outing to east coast!!!woooo.very excited.hahahs..iwsh tmr fater cam can???today talk to my favourite msn pal.he amn gd can..hahas.how i wish tmr can come faster......gtg.bb ILOVEYOU MY BOY!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

today still the same go school.den i finally got to the to koon leong.hahas,i promise to buy him one pack of dark chocolate on his birthday but i didn't buy.hahas.so i buy for him today lorr.after that got NAFA i pass my pull up sit up but fail my sit and rech standing broth jump and running.sad larr.hahahsden after that finish den go canteen to buy drink to drink .after that den go home.thats all for today.saturday going class outing to east coast.very excited hahas.gtg bb.tmr den post again.

Monday, April 07, 2008

today do noth as norm go school.first lesson math liao so bored.we make teacher cry.hahas den after that is cpa though the seet and the ser nvr come.den the seet got come if they nvr come the relife teacher is the mr bouey.damn handsome can....hahas.after school went to jp with mai and chua go meet the sharonden we go the long john mai wan to eat after eat finish we talk talk about the omar..mai admire.den we say wad if the omar dun like you.den mai say i will cry.hahhas.den we laugh.that all for today.tmr den postby pls tag me thx.....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

today boring day

today very boring noth to do at home chat chat with friend den go look look ppl blog.den went to see the PG MALL SPREE.the bag damn nice lorr.buy still thinking weather wan to buy anot.hahas.sign off.bye bye

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Today i cry like hell!!!!!!!

Today i cry like hell because lydia was planning to go for class outing.den two guys say "IF THE GIRL GOT GO I NVR GO"(the girl refer to me).Den after that one of the guy went back to his place den he say to me "FUCK YOU CHI BAI STUPID FAT PIG" this kink of word make me sad even though i'm fat he alos no need to say this to me.den i cry and cry and cry and cry.during science lesson i keep pinching myself. i dunno wad happen to me i just wan to make myself pain......i was like pinching myself for like 15 mins.after that Shi hui saw wad i did den tell lydia they all.den i after that the teacher came to me and ask me wda happen to me.den say noth.after that i tell her that i wan to sit outside with Maisurah.den i ask the taecher can go walk walk den she say okie den i go walk with Maisurah she told me to be strong no matter wad ppl say to you u dun care act like noth happen.after this incident, thank to Maisurah for consulting me all this while.thx Maisurah for helping me:)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

to day very sad

today i very fuck up by the guy in my class.because he just came in to the class after meeting the teacher.den the class no chair.i tell him another coner got chair den he scold me "stupid fat pig"i was shock.i just told him that theres another chair over the corner.i was very piss off.den i cry.even thought i'm fat he cannot callme stupid fat pig.it hurt my heart very much alot...my heart was like break into alot of piece...i now swear to myself i will not talk to him for ever.den during EBS lydia told me that another one guy say if got class outing,if i got go he nvr go.wads the point of not going.i fight with him because of one guy birthday celebration.i was like fuck off man.does it mean that i'm fighting with him means i cannot go the class outing?if he dun wan to go den dun go larr wad for i must listen to him?i'm now very angry now...gtg now bb.tag my blog!