Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hello Hello...i was browsing through my past post,reading and laughting,having all the flash back.there was laughter,heartbroken stuff,happy times we all had loads and loads of fun..we have been through ups and down.been to visit the rehab centre together..everybody have grown up.we have changed into a more beautiful,handsome women and men.our face look different from sec 1 till now.there is only 4 months left till we see each other.after N's and we go separate ways.hope we can meet up have lunch after schools,shopping together during the GSS and stuff....i really hope to leave the school in a happy manner.maybe we will cry but we cry happily.we will still be friends no matter what happen.i will be there for you guy no matter what happen.

labels:i will miss you guys,to my 1a,2a,3b and 4b.i love you guys


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