Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Today i cry like hell!!!!!!!

Today i cry like hell because lydia was planning to go for class outing.den two guys say "IF THE GIRL GOT GO I NVR GO"(the girl refer to me).Den after that one of the guy went back to his place den he say to me "FUCK YOU CHI BAI STUPID FAT PIG" this kink of word make me sad even though i'm fat he alos no need to say this to me.den i cry and cry and cry and cry.during science lesson i keep pinching myself. i dunno wad happen to me i just wan to make myself pain......i was like pinching myself for like 15 mins.after that Shi hui saw wad i did den tell lydia they all.den i after that the teacher came to me and ask me wda happen to me.den say noth.after that i tell her that i wan to sit outside with Maisurah.den i ask the taecher can go walk walk den she say okie den i go walk with Maisurah she told me to be strong no matter wad ppl say to you u dun care act like noth happen.after this incident, thank to Maisurah for consulting me all this while.thx Maisurah for helping me:)


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