Tuesday, April 01, 2008

to day very sad

today i very fuck up by the guy in my class.because he just came in to the class after meeting the teacher.den the class no chair.i tell him another coner got chair den he scold me "stupid fat pig"i was shock.i just told him that theres another chair over the corner.i was very piss off.den i cry.even thought i'm fat he cannot callme stupid fat pig.it hurt my heart very much alot...my heart was like break into alot of piece...i now swear to myself i will not talk to him for ever.den during EBS lydia told me that another one guy say if got class outing,if i got go he nvr go.wads the point of not going.i fight with him because of one guy birthday celebration.i was like fuck off man.does it mean that i'm fighting with him means i cannot go the class outing?if he dun wan to go den dun go larr wad for i must listen to him?i'm now very angry now...gtg now bb.tag my blog!


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