Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yesterday after school we when to Ms Jenny Ng office to find her...she talk talk and talk very long till 1.30 like that..after that she ask sinar,mai lydia and seehui to go 1st and she wanted to talk to me bout some things...den Miss Mabel Young come in the HOD asking why i'm sitting in the office...den Ms Ng say is some problem...after that Ms Young tell Ms Ng that i got very bad temper..OMG...i was very shocked that she know that i got bad temper...i ask her how she know she say she is our sec 1 DM....and she know my name also...damn it can.....okie back to the topic...when toy Shuqun pri and teach the kids..ome one of the guy very cute...errm he call Winston(scroll down for pic) he always disturbing me and giving me the ah beng look but he cute and nvr give me any problem...and after the thing we took some photo,and i got abit BHB cause i took their tie and wore update till time!!!enjoy... :]






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