Sunday, July 06, 2008


Ytd 5 plus when toy haikal house and bake cup cake..he was like very excited..den kenne his mum scold..hahas..have lots of fun ytd..after finiching baking..i help him to clear his room..aiyo...damn messy larr..hahas..after clearing his room i follow him to bring his sister back from school..while we was walking we rank up the pass hw we meet during pri 5 tuition centre..hahas...he was like my 5 years BFF......after that we when to mac to eat...OMG what happen to mac food?On Fri i when to eat with my friend..haikal foldover was like eaten by ppl den put back the box..very disgusting...den ytd i order was damn drinking plain water...feel like complaining to the manager..but haikal stop me.....den go home at 11.30...reach home at 11.55 like that..hahas.i think our cup cake quite nice larr..hahas.see below for the cupcake...haha rate my cupcake!!!!thank you..and good nite everybody..


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