Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Today when back to my primary school to help the pri 6 pupil for their we wanted to pass down our knowledge to them...we are supposed to reach their at 2 but we reach their at 2.30 Kenna ms jenny ng scold....sorry.....teach them till 4 and have our break till 4.30pm...after going back to the library for their game section...we played musical chair...i know its lame but we try to entertain them...but some pupils did not appreciate it the games we help them plan...went home at 5.30pm...7pm home sweet home...hahas...till her for today...take care everybody....and have a good night sleep...hope i did not disappoint you all.:]


playing chess

Playing game

Teaching and studying

Me and mai..she blurred her face
Me again
Me!!!has abit zi lian....
he look like H
My buddy..


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