Friday, April 10, 2009

kinda sad lately...that particular feeling came back again.
just,kinda hurt deep down again.
the feeling keep coming and go away.
even thought i don't know what is love all about,but i can feel it.
love is just a very complicated thing.
hope that one day we will get together and spend our time together.

To all my girlfriends
i wanna thank you babe for being so nice to me,or whenever i'm feeling bad or sad,
all of you will concern about me and ask me what happen.
really appreciate what your girls have done.
really thank you.
and Mai worte something for me..very touched.
she wrote this
Munnie - He's stupid to reject you. Your one of the happiest person and a good friend i've ever met.
It's his lost that he rejected you .Don't worry, i hope a really great guy would come to your life and cherish you no matter what. All of your friends are always there for you alright.
sweet right...but thanks alot to her too...whenever i'm sad she is the 1st one to ask me what happen.thanks alot to you...same goes to lydia.XinYi SeeHui.thanks alot


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