Saturday, November 15, 2008

When out with clar and net is so pretty in rl lah...seriously....hahas....she much more chio-er than pictures..not i say she take pic not nice lah but is really much more pretty..when to meet them at je...den headed down to habbofront to look for minqi...den when to eat with clar...after that headed down to town to walk and slack down there...when to took the bus and when back to habbofront again look for qi and net....for we when to some harker centre to eat malay was very very eat at there...gossip gossip and den headed back was really nice going out with them..had so much fun....

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1. Lydia
2. XinYi
3. Sinar
4. Bennie
5. KahYing
6. Joash
7. Dorry
8. Edah
1. What Have You Been Doing Recently?
- rotting at home and going out?

2. Do You Ever Turn Your Cell Phone Off?
-No..nvr in my life..XDXD

3. What Happened At 10am Today?

4. When Did You Last Cry?
- 12nov

5. Believe In Fate/Destiny?
- Fate

6. What Do You Want In Your Life Now?
- Find work....

7. Do You Tend To Make Relationship Complicated?
- no..think i so free meh?

8. Are You Wearing Anything You Borrow From Someone?
- nvr...

9. What Was The Last Movie You Caught?
- HSM3

10. Does That Person Know You Like Him/Her?
- yah think he know already

11. Who Always Make Me Laugh?
- my friends

12. Do You Speak Languages Other Than English?

13. Favourite Website(s)?,

14. What Are You Doing Tomorrow?
- not sureXD

15. What Do You Think You Are Like?
- how i know?

16. Who Will You Choose To Die With?
- my love ones,and my lovely pillow

17. Where Have You Been Today?
- jurong point to had my lunch..

18. What Game Do You Play Often?
- i dun really play games.

19. Who Are You Missing Right Now?

20. If You Have To Choose Between A Friend And Love, Who Will You Choose?
- Friend.

21. What Are You Doing Now?
- surfing the net? watching tv and doing this 55 quiz

22. Which Primary School Are You From?
-Shuqun Primary xD

23. Name Three Colours That You Like.

24. What Emoticon Do You Like To Show?

25. What Is Life To You?
- im not sure....

26. something troubling u, what will u do?
- pull my hair...

27. Who Did You Last Chat With On MSN Today?

28. Who Do You Admire The Most?
- Xiao Zhu

29. Which Month Were You Born In?
- October

30. How Are You Feeling Right Now?
- boreeeeed!T.T

31. What Is The Time Now?
- 6.17pm

32. What Kind Of Person Do You Think The One Who Tag You Is?
- blog readers?

33. What Colour Would You Use To Dye Your Hair?
- brown

34. Why Are You Doing This Test?
- cox karna asked me to do it? xD

35. What Do You Do When You're Moody?
- listen some music and on it loud..

36. At Which Stage Do You Wish To Get Married?
- 20-25?

37. Who Is More Important To You?
- Family and loved ones?

38. If Today Is The Last Day Of Your Life, What Will You Do?
- to kiss a guy i like and hold hands together and die...

39. Who Is/Are The People/Person You Trust The Most?
- family?friends

40. Do You Believe In Seeing The Rainbow After The Rain?
- duh..i belive lah

41.Have A Dream To Come True, What Would It Be?
- hmmm..get a boyfriend?

42. What Is Your Goal For This Year?
- lose wt bah..hahahs

43. Do You Believe In Eternity Love?
- yup!xD

44. What Feeling Do You Love Most?
- i dunno....

45. Do You Really Think It's Global Warming Now?
-yah..ts is global warming now lorr

46. What Feeling Do You Hate The Most?
- betrayed..backstabbed

47. Do You Like Doing Quizzes?
-not really larhs xD

48. Do You Believe In God?
- yup!xD

49. Who Cares For You The Most?
- Family and loved ones? xD

50. What Do You Think Is The Most Important Thing In Your Life?
- Family

51. What Will You Bring When You Fight?
- see my mood

52. What Have You Regretted Doing In Your Whole Life?
- hmm..somgthing lorr

53. What Do You Do If Nobody Cared For You Any Longer?
- do i freaking care?

54. What Will You Do If Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Two-Timed You?
-i will chop him into 101 pieces and feed him to sharks?jkjk...and kick his cock...give him no father day..den bye bye

55. How Do You Feel Now?
- boreeeeeeeeed!


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