Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just don't know what happen to me today..i listen this song till i make me think of the crying while writing this post..i don't know why..just got a urge to cry out really cry out..i did it..but still cant forget the past...i was thinking guys like me because of my cuteness..not i bhb or what lah..some guy like me because im cute or pretty..pretty i don't think im pretty lah..but sure this guys are lying to me saying that im pretty blah blah blah..just dunno why guys are like that..why they did this to they say they like me today...weeks later i dun like you anymore..WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY THINKING?!i just think guys are selfish..and only think for themself only...what bout the girls?they are human too...think what?we girls ur maid? wanna have sex with her but her dun want to have it,cause she is not ready..then you tell her that she dun love you because she dun wanna have sex with you?WHAT CRAP IS THIS?think girl ur sex toys?i know some girls willing to give it..but is like crap lah..i love you den must have sex with you izzit?what kind of crap is this?i just think i gonna stop here..just think some guys are selfish...till here...if you guys wanna spam my tag box go ahead..i dun wanna care already....


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