Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hello back to blogging now.today i have math paper 2.gosh man it was quite diffcult to do some of the qus.especially scale!!!i had scale man...but i try my best to do it.and i love to do tesslation man..so easy.btw.anybody tag my blog with the name 'unbeliveable'?please tell me who u are thanks.and i think me and koon leong friendship is back.i'm quite okie with it larr even thought he nvr talk to me. but its gd to get back our 2 years friendship as we still need to talk during class outing...hahahs.anyway...ILOVE QIQI AND CLAR..HAHS.LOL.I'M NOT A LES OKIE...HAHAS.HAD MUCH FUN WITH YOU ALL ON SAT LOVE IT...MEET UP SOON...HA!BLOG TILL HERE..BYE SIGN OFF HERE...


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