Saturday, May 10, 2008

Today when out to je with qiqi and clar..hahas.finally meet up with them....i came first den came clar..minqi is late lorr...hahahs.but nvm...when to eat ljs with clar den talk talk with her...after when to find qiqi.after when to a japanese shop(dunno wad the shop name)den chat chat..after when to the bubble tea as we smuggle bubble tea to the libary.after we settle down,we took our bubble tea out den suddely clar took out her bubble tae all spit on me lorr..hahas.kenna me lorr...hahhs theres pic for you to see...after that when to imm to shop for mamma day things..we when to diaso to buy...den i saw a little umbrella..hahahs cute wan lorr....okie thats all for today...sign off here bye bye...MUNCHUI LOVE MINQI AND CLARISSA!!

me with the umbrella...

MinQi and ME


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