Saturday, December 20, 2008

okay back guys..sorry for not blogging this few days...thanks lydia for the previous post=D...errm when to make my specs...plan to go Jurong West to but contact but i wanted to make a i when to Jurong Point the new extention to find a optical i when to Shawn Chen you dont know Shawn Chen is Michelle Chia future hubby.So i went into the shop to get my spec...the 1st thing he serve me!!OMFG..i was like 'a superstar serve me?'god.. so ps lah..and i feel kinda wierd when a star serve i brough my spec from there.the spec is worn by Louis Koo a Hong Kong actor endorse for a spec brand call 'level nine' and im wering the same spec as he is is super cool im gonna take photo with him next week when i going to take my till here bye bye=D


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