Monday, August 25, 2008

Today school was good until when school finish.....when walking...suddenly zheng hua lying on the grass....everybody crowd around him..and we saw lots of blood coming out from his head..he keep crying and crying den Mr Ho saw him lying on the grass see what happen and when to get graze patch and Miss Ong came all of us like very scared that some thing will happen to i never think of anything and went forward to help him...i help him clean the blood on his hand...OMG...MY 1ST time lorr....and i nvr think of anything...even thought he is not my close friend i see him like that i also when up to help good of me!! not the thing bout good or about his safety...and i fell good thought..hahas..i dunno why..hope his fine and he got 4 stitches on his head....get well soon ZHENG HUA....and after the thingy my leg starting to shake..hahs..i dunno is the post for today sorry for the short post....


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